Have you experience walking because you forgot your wallet on the table back home or have you experience walking not just you want to save up but because the night with its moon is at its peak? And stars are above your head and all are twinkling just for you? Then those are just some of the situations why people walk the road than just riding a big old bus on the corner of the street but as for people like me I prefer riding public transportation not just because I’m lazy but riding public transportation has its own perks that even walking cannot provide on its own because of its mechanical works.

The most obvious advantage of riding a public transportation is because relatively less expensive and efficient than other modes of transportation for you are not only paying the whole vehicle for yourself but only contribute for yourself. In this kind of transportation, you can sleep while riding if you have a very long and tired day at work not like riding your own. If it is the complete opposite, you are completely awake in this kind of vehicle you can think of anything you want even think of contacting Towing in Midvale if someone has illegally park of non-parking areas in the city line.

If a student is thinking and a problem has been bugging them for days and nights, riding a public vehicle can help them find a solution and same thing can be applied to any other task needed solving. In public transportation you have a higher chance of meeting up new and old friend along the way because of the other advantages it provides. Being able to meet the driver and knowing his or her POV can also be a big help for you to become danger free passenger. Lastly, in public transportation, you can roam around the city for purposes of killing free time and sightseeing at famous landscape in your community.

Even though riding a public transportation has its advantages that makes you content of having a danger free environment, it is much better to be always vigilant at all times. For being a vigilant person is a kind of person who do not escape any notice. You are also being aware of your environment and increase the percentage of surviving if a casualty occurs. You are also scanning the people and situations around you and be aware of mixed messages and hidden motivations that is occurring around you.

In this you can really prevent yourself from experiencing hurtful events and worst even suspected if a crime happens in a particular area. An educated person has always a back-up plan on the back of his or her mind, even situations do not still occur, occurring or already happened it is much better to never let your guard down in spite of all the advantages that public transportation provide to all the people who uses it.