Basically, a chimney is considered one of the unseen items in your house which is easy to neglect and forget about therefore, understanding how to clean your chimney flue is very important to the security of the people living in your house, most especially if you utilize your fireplace regularly. Chimney maintenance and cleaning is very essential. With ongoing use of the fireplace, soot and creosote can accumulate dirt and debris in your chimney over a long period of time. This build-up can be flammable as well as can create fire hazards in your house.  

 Chimney Flue

Chimney maintenance on a regular basis also includes getting rid of debris, bird’s nests, dirt, leaves, and many more which may have accumulated in the chimney flue. Whether it is soot, creosote or some other sort of debris in the chimney, these dirt and debris may cause you big problem over time, as it could delay or even prevent the going out of smoke from the fireplace. This hindrance could make a fire hazard, excessive smoke levels, an accumulation of carbon monoxide in your house. 

You must have your chimney examined at least twice per month if you’re using your fireplace regularly. As a matter of fact, these repeated inspections could be very costly if you’re hiring a chimney cleaner to do this for you however, doing it all by yourself is also very possible, particularly days after the chimney sweep appointment. The following are some of the steps that will give you the needed details you will need to sweep or clean your home’s chimney: 

Items that are Required: 

  1. Protective covering for furniture
  2. Ladder
  3. Flashlight
  4. Protective eyewear
  5. Chimney brush

Check Your Chimney for Debris and Dirt 

Using a strong flashlight, check the chimney flue for some debris which may have accumulated. This could include paper, leaves, or bird’s nest. Take them all out. 

 Seal Off Your Fireplace 

Before your start cleaning your chimney, you should first seal off your wood stove or fireplace so that none of the soot gets into your home. In addition to that, you must also cover furniture close to your fireplace in order to secure it from residue or soot which might go out from your chimney and penetrate you house during the cleaning process.  

Attach the Chimney Brush to a Rod 

Secure a long, flexible rod to reach the whole length of your home’s chimney. It is always hard to obtain a rod that long. So, if you can’t find a rod that is long enough, connect two or more rods together if needed. Attach the chimney brush firmly to the flexible rod and then, lower it carefully into your chimney. 

  • Raise the Rod 
  • By the time you lower the rod down to your chimney, you should raise it carefully through it. 
  • Repeat the Rod Cleaning Process 
  • Repeat this step of raising and lowering the rod over and over again. 
  • Check Your Chimney Flue 

Using a flashlight which has a beam as well as lights up the place well enough for you in order to see inside your chimney, check the chimney flue for any kinds of debris which may have been overlooked. Cleaning. You should also consider contacting Providence Chimney cleaning service if you have more concerns about your chimney.