Even though how much we care about our cars too much. There will be a time that you would encounter an incident that you didn’t expect. There are some reasons why you have to be more extra careful next time as you might be calling an expert in the auto window repair near me to fix your car. There will also be a time that your kids are playing around with paints and sprays and they accidentally sprayed it to your cars.

Of course, we are going to try to understand deeper as they don’t want to do it and they are just kids and they don’t know much things about this. It could also happen in the public place where you parked your car for a moment and here come some kids playing around with the water paint or anything that they could use to vandal the walls, cars, and many more.

We would feel very bad to this moment as you can see that there could be such person who could do this to a property of someone. But you don’t need to worry too much as there could be some good hacks and ways to remove and get rid of those spray paints from your cars.

The most basic and easy to manage to this kind of problem is by using a bottle of acetone that you can actually buy from the pharmacy or supermarket. You can use the one that is commonly being used for removing the nail polish color on your fingernails. Of course, here it doesn’t need to have the best brand or buying the most expensive one. As long as you have enough bottle of acetone to be used here, it will work just fine to remove those spray paints from your car.

All you need to do is to pour some acetone or even a nail polish remover solution to a piece of cloth or towel. Make sure that it is wet enough with acetone and then immediately wipe it to the surface where the sprayed paint is located at. Acetone is volatile, that means when it is exposed to air or wind. It would easily get dry so you need to keep it wet when you are wiping it to the surface of the car.

You can do it as many times as you want until you have removed the paint from the surface. Try to change the piece of cloth from time to time after seeing the paint being transferred to the piece of cloth. You don’t want to wet the piece of towel again and the paint would transfer back to the car because of the acetone.

Make sure that after you do this process to your car, you have to rinse it with water. You can wash your car with soap for cars. It will remove the debris coming from the spray paint and gives a new look as well to your car and vehicle.