A good floor in your home can be a good investment. If in the future you decide to sell the house, it will be one of the factors buyers will consider. A good hardwood floor is because it is maintained and installed properly. If you decide to do refinishing of your floor, you need a hardwood floor contractor that will offer you the best service. How? You need to answer the questions below:  Good Hardwood Flooring

  1. Can they offer estimation?It is important to know if the company can provide an estimation regarding the work,they will be able to offer you. Though the company will have various estimation, it might not help you who is good and who is not. To verify, you can inquire more about the factors affecting the estimation. Each company will have their own guideline on how to come up with the estimation document. It might involve the timeline of the work, the materials and the cost of labor. Through this, you can compare the contractors you listed and eliminate you think that are expensive, not reliable to do the job and who is not professional enough. 
  2. What are the previous client’s comments on their service?Do not just stick to what you readon the website. To gain better insight into how they do their works, the previous clients can be a good source of information. Are they satisfied with the job given? Is the price worth the service? Can they recommend the company to you? You can gather three clients from the company and contact them. You can ask them the questions. It might be best if they are the latest clients, they have done the service. It will help if you can also ask for a picture on their current hardwood floor. 
  3. Do they have valid license and insurance?Havinga license means they are legit to operate and do the job. You can also assure that the company hires only professional contractors that are skilled and trained for the job. To verify if they have a valid license, you can ask for the permit number and then verify it on your local municipality. You also have to ask if the company has liability insurance. This insurance is important because it will protect clients during the project. Accidents and damages are the inevitable events that could happen anytime. When things go wrong, you can guarantee that there will be liability insurance who will cover the expenses and compensate for you. 
  4. Do they give written contract?Ask if the company will give you contract. Most reputable company will put everything into writing. The contract will bind you and the contractor. This will guarantee that both sides will give what is expected to them. They must follow all the detailed plan written in the contract. Thecontract should involve the drawing of the flooring, the materials to be used, the cost of the project, the timeline, labor cost and many more. As client, make sure you verify that all the details are written. This is to avoid problems in the future that will make you unsatisfied at the end.